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VeriData iDem - Product Overview

Product ImageThe use of digital photography has grown significantly and in many fields has replaced conventional photography altogether. For many users of digital photography, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of their digital images is a primary consideration, especially in situations where their photographic evidence may be subject to judicial or ethical scrutiny.

First launched in 1999, VeriData iDem software was specifically developed in conjunction with forensic scientists and crime-scene investigators to overcome the problem of digital image integrity. It can validate images created with any type of digital camera and can be also used with a wide range of forensic imaging, fingerprint enhancement or document examination systems.

Although some imaging systems boast audit trails features, these are mostly difficult to interpret, particularly by jurors and the judiciary and often do not show if a change has taken place to the image data. Simple-to-use, iDem overcomes this issue as it will graphically highlight any changes to an image, making the forensic scientist's job far easier by allowing faster and more effective case presentations in the court room.

Uniquely, VeriData iDem can not only detect that an image has been modified, but can also pinpoint the site of any localised alteration - even if just one pixel is changed. The software also provides a useful audit trail to support the chain of evidence, such as identifying who processed the image, when it was processed and which workstation it was processed on. Users appreciate its built-in file management capability saving them valuable time especially when used by multiple operators.

VeriData iDem is now in widespread use with law-enforcers, government agencies, the military and blue-chip corporations worldwide who need to ensure the integrity of their digital photographic records. Images validated by VeriData iDem have been regularly presented and accepted in courtrooms around the world since 1999.

So, if you count on your images to tell the story, let VeriData iDem make it easier to tell.

A 30-day evaluation version is available to qualifying users - please scroll to the bottom of the page if you would like to obtain a copy.

If you would like to download a VeriData iDem user case study please click here.

A typical VeriData iDem workflow:


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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use - first-time users need only minimal training

  • May be used with almost any digital camera or imaging system

  • Provides an audit trail and helps to confirm the origin of digital images

  • Incorporates the highly secure VeriData algorithm to foil hacking

  • Includes file-management tools to neatly organise image files

  • Features access control to prevent unauthorised use

  • One Touch function key saves valuable time when working with multiple images

  • Exact site of any alteration can be graphically pinpointed

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VeriData iDem is supplied as a downloadable installer complete with built-in user guide.

Platform Requirements:
A suitable PC (P2-350 with 64MB RAM or better is recommended) running Windows 2000/XP/NT.

Image types supported:

  • 8 and 12-bit RGB TIFF (without LZW compression)

  • 8 and 12-bit Greyscale TIFF (without LZW compression)


Minimum recommended image size:
260 x 260 pixels (RGB, uncompressed)
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Prices / Licensing
Licence type:
The standard end user licence permits unlimited validation, identification and verification on a single workstation. Multiple user site licences are also available on request.

Licence cost:

  • Single workstation licence UKŁ650.00 / €uros1080.00 / US$1200.00

  • Note:
    All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping. Installation, training and out-of-warranty support are optionally available - prices on application.

To Order or Request Evaluation Software:
To request sample software for evaluation or to license a full copy please click here.

Click here to download a VeriData iDem user case study.
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