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Signum Announces Partnership With Oki
Thursday, May 04, 2000

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Japan's leading telecommunications and computer manufacturer and Signum Technologies Ltd., Europe's leading supplier of digital watermarking systems, today announced a strategic partnership which will integrate Signum's digital watermarking into OKI's range of document management systems, aimed initially at the Japanese financial services sector. Using Signum's VeriData technology, which enables digital documents and image files to be authenticated against fraudulent or accidental alteration, Oki has developed a suite of products for 'Secure Image Management', which ensures that the integrity of digital images is safeguarded permanently.

"We have been working in close collaboration with Signum for the past year" said Masayuki Suto , Product Manager of OKI's Information Technology R&D Division. "Through joint development efforts, VeriData has been refined to enable the authentication of all types of digital documents, including black-and-white and colour files, both compressed and uncompressed. VeriData also allows us to embed a unique message into the authenticated image, which can be used to identify, for example, the original capture device."

"We have been delighted to work closely with Oki on this project" said Graham Shaw, Managing Director of Signum. "Oki have put VeriData through a rigorous testing programme to ensure that it fully meets demanding user requirements. We feel this is a major endorsement of our unique digital watermarking technology."

The Secure Image Management system developed by Oki builds on the company's integrated image platform, which provides a full range of digital image processing systems - scanning/capture, viewing, correction, OCR and compression. Using VeriData in conjunction with sophisticated encryption and key management, the integrity of mission critical documents can be assured against both internal and external fraud.

VeriData secures the integrity of digital documents through a unique process of embedding hash calculations of document areas directly into the data file such that, should a single pixel in the file be subsequently altered, the VeriData detection system can detect both the change and its precise location. This process does not rely on external metadata such as digital signatures and the embedding is permanent. The authentication process uses unique permutations to apply the embedded data and these permutations can themselves be encrypted to provide further security against attack. VeriData supports use of a wide range of industry-standard security programmes such as MD5 hashing and RSA encryption.

Masayuki Suto continued: "In addition to immediate applications in financial services, notably banking and insurance, the need for secure image and document management extends into other major sectors such as medical imaging, law enforcement and the public sector. Increasing use of the Internet for the delivery of mission critical documents will place even greater emphasis on securing information integrity."

David Hilton, Signum's Technical Director, commented: "we have perfected VeriData for use with images and documents, thanks to the close collaboration with Oki. We are now moving VeriData into additional areas, particularly audio and video, where the need for authentication is equally strong."

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